Google Analytics Audits

My comprehensive Google Analytics Audit service will ensure that your analytics tracking is implemented properly.  It will identify and fix tricky problems including broken cookies that inflate actual traffic, incomplete or malformed code snippets, poor use of profiles and filters, etc.

You may already be trying to resolve tracking issues and discrepancies, or you may just want to have a thorough evaluation.  A comprehensive Google Analytics audit will identify all tracking issues and show you how to fix them.  This is a fundamental step to ensuring that you have credible data for making the informed decisions that ultimately drive traffic and increase conversions.


Google Analytics Audit Methodology

My Google Analytics Audit is an extremely detailed, technical and practical 33-point audit that will ensure your data is clean and accurate.

It includes a top to bottom, sitewide audit of your Google Analytics implementation.  A few of the topics that will be covered:

  • Sub-domain and cross-domain issues.  These can break cookies and cause traffic to be artificially overstated (and mis-attributed)
  • Redirects.  These can wipe out campaign tracking parameters.
  • Ecommerce tracking. This must be validated to ensure that all information slots are being populated with the right product and order details.
  • Campaign tracking.  Ensure that all marketing is tagged properly so you have accurate data on your marketing ROI.
  • Filters and profiles.  Used improperly, filters and profiles can give you an incomplete or, worse, inaccurate view of the data.
  • Query string cleanup.  Strip out unnecessary text from your URLs.
  • Goals and funnels.  Make sure you’re accurately tracking important site milestones.


What You’ll Get

You will receive an extremely detailed, 33-point Google Analytics Analysis and Recommendations document.  This document will go point by point through each element of a GA implementation, identifying the status (Pass/Fail) of each item.

For each item that does not pass, I will include detailed instructions to fix it.  I will make it easy for you: you will receive step by step instructions with text you can copy and paste, and ready-to-use code snippets that you can pass on to your front-end developers.  See snapshot below for a sample from the account configuration section of the audit document:


account configuration audit sample

account configuration audit sample



I can’t stress enough the importance of having accurate tracking on your site.

Before you start a redesign, before you launch a new marketing campaign, before you put money into new site projects, make sure your analytics tool is working correctly so you can properly evaluate the results of your efforts.   Having an expert Google Analytics consultant help you will save you time, money, and frustration as you move forward.

I have been analyzing and implementing Google Analytics for many years.  I am one of fewer than 150 web analysts certified by the Digital Analytics Association and hold a 95% score on the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam (click the links for details).  As a Google Analytics consultant, I manage Google Analytics audits and implementations for top media and e-commerce companies including Condé Nast, Gilt Groupe, Birchbox, Chloe and IsabelRebecca Minkoff and many more.

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Client Testimonials

Managing Director, social media agency
“Easy to speak to, easy to work with and extremely knowledgable and generous with her time and skills. I’ll definitely work again with Ana again in the future.”

Anthony D, Chloe and Isabel
“The main obstacle towards fixing our implementation was that we understood many of the problems and had ideas about how they could be addressed, but no idea how things were supposed to be setup. Your recommendations were thorough, direct, and maintained a consistent approach across all metrics and site sections. I also greatly appreciated your prompt and comprehensive responses to our followup questions.  You did a fantastic job and there’s very little room for improvement.”

Founder and CEO, global real estate start-up
“Professional and informative, gave some great pointers. Thanks Ana!”

President, collectible products e-commerce store
“Amazing worker and excellent feedback to help us fix our Google Analytics tracking issues.”

VP of Marketing, Birchbox
“The session with Ana was fantastic. She was extremely knowledgeable, did a written audit and was really well prepared. She helped us find answers to many issues we were having with Google Analytics. Overall, I would give her a very strong recommendation.”

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Pricing and Terms

My audit fee is $3500.  This is a fraction of the cost of hiring a large analytics agency or pro firm (plus you work with me directly, not a sub-contractor).   I have designed my audits to be the best in the industry — as a client, I was on the receiving end of several audits, so I know what works.

The audit process will typically take 3 weeks (we’ll sign off on exact dates).  You will pay only after you receive the guide and are happy with the results.

Please get in touch for a free analytics consultation and some expert advice.



Once you get the audit, I’ll support it free for 3 months ($150/hr value) to make sure you are 100% satisfied.  Ask as many questions as you need, ask me to review your code updates, ask me to take a look at that one thing you weren’t sure of.  You will always get a prompt response.