Coremetrics Consulting

I am partnered with a Coremetrics (IBM Digital Analytics) consultant based in NYC.  Please contact me if you are interested in Coremetrics consulting with an expert web analytics consultant experienced in implementing Coremetrics for major ecommerce companies.  At a basic rate of $150/hr, services include:

  • Coremetrics technical trouble-shooting
  • Advising on proper cm_sp (site promotions), cm_re (real estate), link click, element, shop action, registration, and other tracking tag implementations
  • Testing and debugging support using ITT and the Coremetrics tagbar
  • Reviewing and creating Coremetrics tracking requirements
  • Configuring custom dashboards, reports, and funnels
  • Setting up custom tracking parameters for tracking on- and off-line marketing campaigns
  • Configuring the CDF
  • Data interpretation and analysis
  • Coremetrics tutorials and training sessions for you or your staff
  • Whatever you need help with!